Asbestos Awareness Training Courses From SDA Safety

This training course is designed for companies and individuals who may come into contact with asbestos in construction or demolition.

Our training course provides the delegate with the knowledge of where asbestos has been used, the types of asbestos and an awareness of the possible health problems. The course is based on HSE guidance.

Please contact us for availability and to book a course.

About Asbestos – Important Information

Asbestos is a fibrous silicate material, consisting of long fibres, and has been used in building materials since the 1850’s, primarily to provide good insulation , protection against fire and prevention of corrosion. There are different types, depending upon which mineral they are derived from, the common ones known as white, brown and blue.

The Dangers

Asbestos Awareness TrainingThe link between the material and health problems was first made in the 1890’s, but it wasn’t until the 1970’s that concerns rose, leading to severe restrictions and subsequent bans in many countries worldwide, including prevention of it’s use in the UK in the mid 1980’s of brown and blue asbestos.

This is a cancer which effects the lining of the lungs, and is usually fatal. Approximately, 2500 people die from it a year. 

About 5000 people each year die from asbestos related illnesses, the most common of which are as follows:
  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Lung Cancer
  • Pleural Plaques
The material can cause lung cancer, which looks the same as lung cancer caused by smoking and other causes. This cause approximately the same amount of deaths annually as mesothelioma.  

Where Asbestos might be found

  • Coatings sprayed onto columns and beams to give protection against fire
  • Insulation and lagging around pipes
  • Insulation board to ceilings (known as AIB)
  • Floor tiles
  • Corrugated cement sheet roofing
  • Textured coatings such as artex (normally the fibres are not easily released into atmosphere in these products)

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